Subway waterfall chasers had an embarrassment of riches to choose from on Tuesday afternoon when heavy thunderstorms hammered the city and flooded subway stations. There were magical subway waterfalls spotted in stations in multiple boroughs, like this shimmering curtain of subterranean rain at Dekalb Avenue.

But the most powerful subway gusher sprang forth in the Bronx, where the Longwood Avenue stop was graced with this glorious gem. Cinch up your ponchos, folks:

LMFAOOOO indeed. $2.75 is a bargain for the chance to get so close to a subway waterfall of this magnitude. The Maid of the Mist charges 11 bucks!

The NY Post interviewed the man who took the video, a 21-year-old personal trainer named Jeremy Owusu. "Once I saw it, it surprised me—but then I thought, nah, this is a regular Tuesday on the MTA—but a little to the extreme with rain," Owusu told the tabloid.

Owusu said the MTA thanked him for sharing his waterfall footage with the world and said workers were being immediately dispatched to the subway station, presumably to set up a fake barrel so visitors can pose for photos.

Did you see an amazing subway waterfall yesterday? Did you pass through it and emerge on the other side in a magical world where our city's mass transit system wasn't crumbling into obsolescence? Can you take us with you? Let us know in the comments!