The NY Times looks at how even though the City Council has banned cellphone use in theaters, cellphone use is still rampant. The Mayor had previously argued that the law (which has a $50 fine) would be unenforceable, but the the City Council tells the Times about anecdotal evidence that it works. Councilman Philip Reed compares the cellphone law to one of our favorites:

It's like the pooper-scooper law: it's not enforced, but now that people know about it they clean up after their dogs. That's what's happening here, that's why there's been such a significant improvement in people's behavior.

There's been some improvement, but we don't know if we'd go as far to say significant. What Gothamist is amazed at is that even though there are the PSAs telling people to turn off their cellphones, cellphones still ring! If your cellphone is going to glow and vibrate, sit in the back row, and if the call is that important, don't go to the theater. Don't make a huge fuss of it and bother your fellow patrons. While we lament it when we're in theaters without good cell service because we are trying to locate people we're meeting, it's actually a blessing to trade two-plus hours of cellphone silence for overly loud Dolby mixed Hollywood noise.

Inconsiderate Cellphone Man is back for more action and Gothamist's cellphone errata: People will get shot, stick their hands - and arms - in a commuter train toilet, and yes, get hit by subway cars before giving up their cellphones. Your cabbie can use a cellphone, but only if it's with a handset, and if you're too close to the monkeys, watch out before they cover your phone with their poo. There are cellphone vigilantes on some trains, plus more on old-school telephone etiquette.