Cellphone avoidance; Photo - New York Daily News

The Daily News looks at an increasingly rare group: People who don't have cellphones. People talk about how much better their lives are without the cellphone interrupting them, as well as the pressures of having to return calls immediately. The DN calls them "People who just want some privacy."

Oh, okay, fine, how very Greta Garbo in Grand Hotel, trying to stay unconnected, we get it. But sometimes the people who are opposed to cellphones start to make that the defining aspect of their personality, which becomes annoying. And wait till they are locked out of a building or lost on the road - the cellphone doesn't seem so bad then. That said, Gothamist realizes we are laughable when we wax about cell phone graphics and new cell phones and are very desperate and pathetic when our service is out. Maybe deep down inside we tip our hat to people who are able to feel so confident in themselves that they don't need the cell phone as a security blanket. But until our therapy sessions cover that matter, ring on.