2008_05_guzmanacc.jpgYikes! This photograph of a mangled car is what happened to WCBS 2 reporter Pablo Guzman. The WCBS 2 website says Guzman only suffered a broken rib and "wants everyone to know that the only reason he's alive is because he was wearing his seatbelt" but "Details of what caused the crash are not yet known.

The Journal News has some details: Guzman was involved in a one-car accident on the Cross County Parkway, apparently losing control of his Honda CRV: He "drifted into the right lanes and off the road. His vehicle struck a road sign and smashed into a rock wall near the parkway, spinning his Honda around."

Eep! No one else was injured and Guzman was being held overnight at a hospital for observation. You can send your get well wishes to Guzman here.