Mayor Bloomberg really didn't want to talk about the drama surrounding traffic agent Daniel Chu at a press conference yesterday, but WCBS didn't really care. Ignoring Bloomberg's "one reporter, one question" rule, they bombarded the Mayor with inquiries as to why the "coolata cop" is still on duty after allegedly being caught by councilman Dan Halloran running a red light to get to a Dunkin' Donuts.

Bloomberg responded to questions about Chu's notoriously gruff behavior by saying his rudeness is "clearly a violation of the rules," but that it is Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's job to conduct the people he supervises, not the Mayor's. When asked whether Chu's behavior sends a bad message to others, Bloomberg said, "It does, but you can't have Ray Kelly stopping everything to go after one of 55,000 people on what is arguably something that is not life threatening." He suggested they contact the NYPD for answers, next question please.

Agent Chu is still on duty despite the allegations, and Halloran says it's because Chu writes a lot of tickets. However, there is still no concrete proof that Chu was speeding and running red lights. An investigation only showed that the ticket Chu wrote Halloran for blocking an intersection was valid, as was one he wrote City Council staffer Dennis Ring (who is Halloran's chief of staff) for falsely using a placard reserved for City Council member use only.