Water rats, your time will come in 2008: It looks like the Randalls Park Water Park will will be approved by the city's Franchise and Concession Review Committee. City Comptroller William Thompson and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer had opposed the the park's expensive tickets and questioned whether or not it will really serve the community closest to the water park, Stringer has come around, as the Aquatic Development Group Inc. has agreed to discount the $37 adult/$30 child tickets during the summer (the NY times reports 45% in the summer, smaller discounts the rest of the year). Thompson, however, is still dubious of the park's plans, noting the ADG's previous bankruptcy claims and lack of a fair bidding process. Gothamist wonders if there will be a day in 2009 when Comptroller Thompson is able to say "Told you so!" the way he is able to with the Snapple deal. The city stands to make millions, if the park is successfful, so we imagine it'll do everything in its power to make it a success.

More about the water park from the Randall's Island Sports Foundation. And what do you think of our suggested name for the park - "Hell's Gate Water Park." Now, here's a question to ponder: If you're on the Franchise and Congession Review Committee, do you get to try all the concession fare?