2006_01_randallpark.jpgNo longer will children have to go to Hurricane Harbor or Dorney Park because the Daily News reports that the city has a proposal in hand for a $168 million, 26 acre water park on Randall's Island in the East River. The park, originally proposed in as a smaller 12 acre park in 1999, would be paid for by Aquatic Development Group, who would have a 35-year lease with the city. The park plans call for all your typical water park features like wave pools and water slides but also a manmade river for rafters and an indoor beach.

The proposal is under review by the Franchise and Concession Review Committee today and is opposed by Controller William Thompson, who has a seat on the FCRC and by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer (he's no Marty), but Mayor Bloomberg is reported to have enough support to approve the park. Admission to the park, which could open as soon as summer of 2007, would be $25 for kids and $30 for adults. Gothamist found that according to the Randall's Island Sports Foundation website, the park was originally supposed to open this year - which means our excitment over it in 2003 will have to persist for another two years.

While no name has been selected yet for the proposed park, Gothamist thinks a fitting name might be Hell's Gate Water Park. Then again, that might not go over too well with the kiddies. But we wouldn't think the mental hospital and sewage plant on the adjacent Ward's Island would go over too well either.