Yesterday afternoon, a water main break on West 57th caused flooding in buildings between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue. According to MyFoxNY, the break was around 9 West 57th Street (the Solow Building with the big red "9" outside it): "The muddy, fast flowing water has crowds of tourists snapping photos and shoppers trying to hop the fast-moving stream."

Basements of buildings in the area—including the high-end department store Bergdorf Goodman—got a couple inches of water. A customer told the Post, "I just came from Bergdorf and they told me to ford the river. Yah, right. I’m not walking through this stuff in $1,200 shoes. It’s totally nuts." And apparently pedicabs "were briefly being used to ferry fancy Midtown shoppers across the water from Bergdorfs."

The water flowed east, towards Fifth Avenue, and then headed uptown towards Central Park. The MTA diverted bus service for some lines and Con Ed said that steam service for a few building was also disrupted.