Land bicycles are yesterday's news folks—you know what's really cool? Water bikes. Bikes whose rubber wheels kiss the ocean, gliding across the water with the balletic grace of a pink-wing flying fish. Water bike entrepreneur Judah Schiller brought his contraption to NYC today to show how Jesus would traverse vast bodies of water in 2013—by pedaling his way across the Hudson River.

It took 15 minutes for Schiller, the founder of the BayCycle Project, to pedal from Hoboken to Pier 66 in Chelsea on his BayCycle—a conventional bicycle rigged to a pair of pontoons and a propeller. "This is the opening of an aquatic frontier in biking,” Schiller told CBS. “Two-thirds of our planet is covered in water, we love our bikes here in New York City and around the country, so why not put the two together and get people out on the water biking.”

“When the wake comes toward you, what a great opportunity to do some mountain biking on the water,” Schiller told the Star-Ledger. “Obviously, the view of the fantastic New York skyline on the water — that is really exciting to me." It's all the joy of biking in the big city, with none of the hassles of tickets, bike lanes, helmets, stop lights, cars, or slow-moving pedestrians. But you will have to deal with jellyfish hop-alongs, NYPD marine boats, sandy shorts, speeding yachters, nightmare fish with teeth, swimming muggers, ice floes, and the crushing loneliness of the sea.

If you too are interested in semi-terrifying, semi-romantic water biking trips, you can check out Schiller's Indiegogo page here.