2005_06_sfcwx.jpgThe forecast has changed but a smidgen since Monday. Now we're expecting temperatures in the mid-80s rather than the lower-80s through Friday. Don't be surprised if it rains, and if it does rain don't be surprised if it rains heavily, if briefly. Assuming that cold front to our north makes its way down here, our holiday weekend weather will be a welcome change: sunny, warm and dry.

It's warm most everywhere. Well, it is summer, but the Bermuda High has spread warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to the eastern half of the U.S. and southern Canada. One person observing the warm air is Marian Gallagher, of Holly Springs, Iowa. Ms. Gallagher was honored earlier this week by the National Weather Service for her 45 years as a cooperative weather observer. She is a mere rookie observer compared to Bridgehampton's Richard G. Hendrickson, who has been making twice a day observations since 1930. Who knows, maybe Mr. Hendrickson will surpass Earl Stewart's record of 78 years as a weather observer. Gothamist admires and salutes their dedication to the weather and service to our country!