2005_06_tenement.jpgIf you dined at Tenement on Ludlow Street the past two months and paid by credit card, check your statements. The NY Post reports that a waitress was arrested after stealing the credit card information of at least 37 customers. The police say Dominika Szymanska "used a 'skimmer' — a hand-held mechanical embossing device — to make copies of the diners' credit cards" between March and May. Crazy! Gothamist would say pay cash, but when ATM scammers are about, maybe we should go back to using stones and shells as currency. Tenement owner Paul Uljaky said, "This is obviously not something I had anything to do with," because something like credit card fraud could really screw up the next round of Zagat ratings.

Slightly related: The Tenement Museum is great for learning more about the Lower East Side.