It's well established by now that Anthony Weiner's a shamelessly creepy weirdo sideshow freak with a raging... ego, but there's something about this video that really throws it into high relief. Taken outside a NYCHA building on St. Nicholas Avenue yesterday, it shows the aspiring mayor sparring awkwardly with a reporter who appears to be from jolly old England. For some reason, Weiner finds this incredibly exotic, telling her, "It's hard to take you seriously," because of her daffy accent. (In his defense, it's not like England produces any serious journalists.) Watch & Cringe:

Weiner also tries (and fails) to do a British accent, which is probably the easiest accent to do, aside from Canadian, eh? He then tells the reporter, "I just have the feeling I’ve like, stepped into a Monty Python bit." We bet Weiner feels like he's in a black & white Godard film when French reporters interview him, and on the set of Hogan's Heroes when he talks to the German press. But turn's out Weiner's a spotted dick to reporters of all nationalities, so he's got that going for him:

The awkwardness finally comes to an end with Weiner giving the weather report for England. No, we're not making this up. Then he excuses himself because he has to go "feed the baby"—we all know what that means, nudge nudge, wink wink, bob's your uncle, fancy an e-shag, governor?

Okay, who's going to add the Weiner clip to this compilation:

[Via BuzzFeed]