Take a much-needed mental health break and enjoy Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's very funny appearance in "spin alley" following the final Presidential debate in Boca Raton, Florida Monday night. Triumph is really in his element in this one, relentlessly roasting every politician and newscaster who crosses in his path, including former governor George Pataki, former governor (and current race-baiter) John Sununu, and a variety of Republican party hacks. Speaking to one Republican operative, Triumph points out that "Romney changes positions more than Lassie did on her prom night."

There's also a hilarious moment at the 3:15 mark, in which Triumph appears behind Senator John McCain as he's waiting to be interviewed. Triumph whispers, "John McCain is here just in case Mitt Romney needs advice on what not to do"—be sure to watch for McCain's priceless reaction. Rep. Peter King, a Republican from Long Island, also appears while talking on his cell phone, which prompts Triumph to observe: "This is legendary congressman Peter King of New York. He is calling security because he believes this reporter is a Muslim."

The last few minutes are spent with Triumph bombing various news outlets' shots, delighting in "ruining" their interviews like a dog dragging his ass across an expensive rug. He gets particular enjoyment out of popping his head up in Sean Hannity's interviews, then confronts the famous Fox anchor as he tries to leave the room, saying, "Look at you, you're in great shape! Of course, who wouldn't be if they shoveled crap all day along."