Conservative commentator and professional Beyoncé hater Tomi Lahren sat down with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show last night to discuss Donald Trump, the "alt-right," and racism.

Lahren is a commentator on Glenn Beck's TheBlaze—you've probably seen videos of her angrily talking about perceived injustices like reverse racism floating around on Facebook. She's gone after the usual suspects: Black Lives Matter, which she compared to the KKK; Beyoncé and Jay Z, who later sampled one of her tirades in a song; and Hillary Clinton, who Lahren thinks should be jailed. Noah previously described Lahren as the "least woke, most awake" person he had ever seen.

Lahren tweeted about the interview shortly after it aired, saying she wasn't complaining about it being unfair, but, you know, it was unfair. Not that she'd complain, because she's not a "liberal snowflake." (Watch the full 26 minute-long segment above.)

Trump, she said, is an "outsider" who is going to come in and "shake up" the political system. Like Trump, she sees herself as a representative of Americans who have been ignored by coastal elites.

"There's a segment of this country, between the coasts, that is largely ignored. The flyover states, if you will," Lahren said, and those are the people whose voices she says she wants to amplify. Those Americans, she argued, are afraid of what their country is becoming.

"For somebody who is not racist, you have to spend a lot of time saying 'I'm not racist.' What is your biggest issue with Black Lives Matter?" Noah asked.

According to Lahren, violent protesters are being "emboldened" to loot and riot while "using the names" of black men who were killed by police officers like Freddie Gray and Michael Brown. The media, she says, ignores the real narrative: "Did you know a black man is 18.5 times more likely to shoot a police officer than a police officer is to shoot a black man? Those are statistics no one wants to talk about," Lahren said, especially not the "mainstream media."

Noah's response was sobering: "You realize you are the mainstream media. Donald Trump has won."

"We can go back and forth on a lot of these issues. It's an interesting place to be in, because honestly, you've won," he said near the end of the segment. "Your side has won—as you say, the liberal snowflakes are melting in the streets as they protest."