A small mouse was spotted on a Jamaica-bound E train, sending some riders into a leaping, screaming frenzy. The scene, featuring several musophobic New Yorkers who presumably go through life here in a constant state of terror, was captured on video by straphanger Augustus Balasubramaniam during an evening rush hour train leaving Queens Plaza Wednesday night.

Not to be all Guy Who's Overly Chill About Subway Rodents, but this particular critter really doesn't seem worth the hysteria. The little dude is just darting around, scanning the exits for the quickest way out of the train and back home—one might even say that he is all of us.

It's not Pizza Rat, nor is it his delinquent cousin Rat on Face, or even the most recent Rat Hauling Trash. Just a small mouse hanging out underground, bothering nobody. Hardly worthy of a blog post, really.

Yet here we are.

The real star of the video is not the animal, but a spritely gentleman who, amid the chaos, rises heroically from his seat to confront the beast. "Don't," his partner motions, attempting to restrain him by the belt. But he must. Ignoring the screams and nervous laughter of his fellow riders, the man tracks the unwelcome passenger with a cat-like precision. Soon, the mouse is cornered, and the man steps assuredly toward it in a way that suggests he has squashed and/or picked up several mice in his life.

As he's moving in on the critter, an out-of-frame straphanger tells the man to "Wait, wait, wait," which he does, reluctantly. What was he waiting to do, one wonders, but we'll never know. Moments later, the train arrives at its stop and the man departs, while the mouse remains in his corner, continuing on to Roosevelt Avenue. Godspeed, E Train mouse.