Blog posts about sharks tend to be popular, because people like to freak out about sharks like they're some kind of monsters to be feared and hated. It's not fair, since unless a shark thinks you're a seal, it probably won't try to chew on you. And besides, it's not the sharks' fault that water temperatures are rising along the East Coast. If you insist on seeing sharks as monsters, though, take a look at this video of a strong teen catching a 200-pound shark off the coast of New Jersey.

Is the teen strong? Yes, I wouldn't begrudge the strong teen his strength. Did these people eventually throw the shark back in the ocean, as required by law? Sure. But look at the shark, doing whatever it can to stay in the water, where it lives. Once it gets close to shore, the shark is dragged out of the water by the strong teen's father. And while humans were cast as heroes fighting monsters in Jaws, in Deep Blue Sea, in Sharknado, I ask you: WHO is making the monster noises in this video? WHO is dragging off a helpless victim like a rag doll, howling "Grrrrrgghg" the whole time? The shark, or the human? I ask you, people of the internet: is it possible that WE'VE been the monsters all along?