You know how certain NYC subway platforms get rather uncomfortably crowded during rush hour and sometimes can't even squeeze onto the train when it finally pulls in? Well boo fucking hoo—after watching this insane video of a sickeningly mobbed subway platform in Beijing, it's become abundantly clear that our beleaguered MTA is actually a privileged paragon of luxury urban transportation:

The video is believed to have been taken at Xi'erqi station, which connects Line 13 and the Changping Line on the Beijing Subway in China. Funny enough, this is a new station that opened three years ago to "ease transfer between the two lines." The Beijing subway system, which opened in 1969, is the second-longest subway system in the world next to the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. It has an average weekday ridership of 8.539 million, compared to 5.4 million on the MTA, which is just the seventh busiest rapid transit rail system in the world. Of course, we're number one in fun:

"China is explained for you in this one video," the blog Beijing Cream explains. "Want to know why this country is the way it is? People. Many of them. Why is the pollution so bad? Too many people. Why are people pushy? Too many people. Why is there no soft power? The government censors too much shit and suppresses expression because they’re afraid of the people — the people of which there are too goddamn many."

Good thing more urban commuters are on the way!