A group of good Samaritans rescued a man who fell into the subway tracks in lower Manhattan this afternoon, managing to pull him out minutes before a train pulled into the station.

The incident occurred at around 2:30 p.m. at the City Hall R Station. You can watch the harrowing rescue below:

Tipster Sumeja Tulic, a student at CUNY J, tells us, "Few minutes before the train arrived, a man in his late 50s/early 60s fell on the subway tracks. Without hesitation, 3 men jumped on the subway track and pulled him out. The man was unconscious and bleeding."

The man was back on the platform about two minutes before the next train arrived, according to Tulic, surrounded by an MTA worker and the men who saved his life. Tulic says he began regaining consciousness around when the R train pulled into the station.

These brave men were lucky, but according to an MTA conductor who did a Reddit AMA a few years ago, if you see someone fall onto the tracks, you should NOT jump down to save them. "The best thing you can do is run on the platform towards the tunnel where the train enters so you can get the operator's attention sooner," he said. "Waving your arms over the tracks will tell the operator to stop immediately."

The FDNY was unable to provide additional information regarding the incident. The MTA has not yet responded to request for comment, but we'll update when we learn more about the man's condition.