Oh, teenagers and their "raw-dogging"! Did you know that over 25% of all NYC's STD sufferers are adolescents? And then there's the teen pregnancies, which only end up creating more teenagers—which is the last thing anybody needs. And so the Community Healthcare Network's teen outreach program, called Teens P.A.C.T. (Positive Actions and Choices for Teens), has created workshops for its participants to make videos like this, in an attempt to grapple with these issues in terms teenagers can relate to:

The Importance of Condoms! from MORE THAN JUST SEX on Vimeo.

This video, made by teens for teens with funding from the state Health Department, sardonically juxtaposes an adolescent rhapsodizing about unprotected sex with a scroll of possible side-effects of such fun and games, including [SPOILER ALERT!] genital warts, yellow or green discharge, HIV, skin folds, diarrhea, baby mama drama, baby mama's mama drama, and deep lasting regret. But the boy in the video endorsed "raw-dogging!" Won't the youths be corrupted and confused by his enthusiasm for "all love, no glove"—green discharge be damned!

The Daily News scored just the quote they needed from a spokesman for State Senator Marty Golden. The PSA "advocates for safe sex in a roundabout way, and any confusion this ad may cause could be hazardous for the youth population of our city and state," says Golden spokesman John Quaglione, who characterizes the segment as "alarming." Indeed, baby mama's mama drama is not something to take lightly.

CHN official Michelle Perlman defended the PSAs, which cost $15,000 for video production (including a professional director and editor) and seems, essentially, to be created for the benefit of the teens in the program. "We wanted to have an impact, that was going to be quick and easy," says Perlman. "We want people to be like ‘whoa.’" Well, mission accomplished, at least in the offices of Marty Golden, whose spokesman no doubt enjoys his dogs well-done. Now if only these kids could make an impactful PSA about those dangerous camel toads all the teens are into!