Now that the vice-presidential debate happened, America can go back to focusing on the two big dogs in the presidential race. Clinton Trump II: Gettin' Screwy In St. Louie takes place this Sunday, and even after Clinton won last round in a rout, the stakes are still high. So high in fact, that the debate can only be properly beamed into your eyeballs one way: on a huge screen in a modern movie theater, an opportunity Regal Cinemas is offering die hard debateophiles out there.

You can go to the Union Square Regal Cinema to see what's sure to be a respectful exchange of ideas between two people with different visions for the country on a huge screen. The debate, in a town hall style this time, kicks off at 9 p.m. on Sunday, October 9th, and you can only get your ticket at the box office. Plus, your ticket gets you a free small drink. If you buy a popcorn to go with it.

If you need a reminder of some storylines to follow, the world will be watching to see if Hillary Clinton vivisects Donald Trump again and pads the lead she jumped out to following the first debate. Donald Trump, for his part, emailed Page Six to let them know that he'll be taking the high road and won't talk about Bill Clinton's affairs after he almost did last debate. Also, John Cena will be looking to tie Ric Flair's record for World Championship reigns as he battles AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Championship in a Triple Threat Match. Sorry, that's No Mercy, which is also this Sunday.

“While our auditoriums feature the likes of Batman V. Superman or Alien vs. Predator, we are excited to offer voters a chance to watch Clinton vs. Trump as they go head to head on the big screen,” Regal Entertainment Group's Steve Bunnell told Deadline in a statement.

I have to stop you there, Steve. Both of those movies were terrible. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice: See D.C. Also Has A Movie Universe: Please Clap was a laughable, overstuffed, exhausting, overlong trainwreck of a movie that was full of logical shortfalls, plot points that went nowhere and a featured a collection of egomaniacs fighting with no regard for little people and oh my god this is the sickest burn of the entire election. Great job, Steve.