A group of brave patriots pooled their money to make this urgent public service announcement warning their fellow citizens about the "monstrous, 13 story mosque at Ground Zero." But those jihadi-sympathizers at NBC and CBS are refusing to broadcast the commercial! We all know it's because network executives hate the principals of religious intolerance upon which this country was founded, but of course they can't come right out and say that; check out the ad and their reasons for rejecting it:

"An ad questioning the wisdom of building a mosque at ground zero would meet our issues of public controversy advertising criteria," writes NBC Universal advertising standards manager Jennifer Riley. "However, this ad which ambiguously defines 'they' as referenced in the spot makes it unclear as to whether the reference is to terrorists or to the Islamic religious organization that is sponsoring the building of the mosque. Consequently, the ad is not acceptable under our guidelines for broadcast."

Scott Wheeler, who runs the political action committee that paid for the ad, sees right through that and tells Politico, "They have very selective standards—they’ll run anything MoveOn.org throws out there."