If you are able to concentrate on anything besides this nightmare election for more than five minutes you're either a Zen master or not scared enough. If it's the latter, maybe Seth Meyers can help you sort out what's at stake here. In a breathless faux-dialectic that may or may not be indebted to a recent Slate take, Meyers hilariously breaks down the difficult decision that voters face on Tuesday:

Here's the full segment from last night, in which Meyers acknowledges the race has tightened and Democrats are "freaking out." After showing a clip of one talking head deriding Democrats as "bed-wetters," Meyers concurs: "Democrats are bed-wetters, but to be fair there really is a monster hiding in their closets." Any guess what the monster's name is? It has the best name, many people say so, just tremendous, and by the way its horns are sharp enough to cut glass.

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