Ever since he lost his job lying for a liar, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been just aching for a redemption narrative, filling the wadded-gum-size holes in his day by literally begging for credibility while angling for one of those plum jobs with the Enemy of the People. To that end, he recently embarked on a press tour to promote his widely-panned and reportedly error-filled new book (and to play the "left-wing censorship" card at any book store that decides not to host his sweaty chicanery.)

That tour landed in New York City on Wednesday night, with Spicer appearing in front of a not particularly packed crowd at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. During a Q&A portion of the event, one anonymous protester stood up and shouted his truth: "Hey Sean, you're a real piece of garbage and I hope you look around and see all these empty seats, and I hope you realize even in New York City, people will not come and pay money to hear you speak."

"It's a garbage book and you're a garbage person," the man added as security tossed him from the event, to the apparent glee of some Spicer fans (?) in attendance. "You lied as press secretary. Now you're lying in your book."

Reached by email, the anonymous heckler told Gothamist that, after hearing that Spicer was making a public appearance in the city, "I was concerned that he was going to be treated with respect—a respect he has not earned, and certainly does not deserve."

He added, "Barnes and Noble should be ashamed for hosting this event. I hope that any additional stops on Spicer’s book tour are met with mostly empty audiences, and nothing but heckling and disdain."

Spicer's next book event is scheduled for Thursday night at an undisclosed location in Washington D.C.—a return to his favorite humiliation bush, perhaps?