Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci made his eagerly anticipated Late Show appearance on Monday night, and Stephen Colbert did not pull any punches, immediately asking about President Trump's late condemnation of the white nationalist sentiment and the fatal Charlottesville rally. When Scaramucci pointed out Trump did denounce racism, Colbert said, "Two days later. Does he order his spine on Amazon Prime? Why did it take so long?"

The Late Show band played the "scaramouche" part of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" as the Long Island native walked out and Colbert emphasized, "I want you to know, just for the record, this is on the record, this is being recorded," referring to the Mooch's infamous New Yorker interview. Colbert's first question was, "Nazis, good or bad?" to which Scaramucci declared, "Super bad."

Then, Colbert asked, "Why do you think the President of the United States, who you called the 'most media savvy person of our times' would shank a softball like that so hard when he should have just come out there and condemned people who were there to start violence?"

"He should have been way harsher, he should have condemned white supremacy and neo-Nazis," The Mooch said, reiterating the points he made on This Week.

"Why do you think he didn't do that? Who stopped him from doing that?" Colbert asked.

"At the end of the day, it's the president himself. I'm not going to blame or point fingers at anybody," Scaramucci started.

"It's the president, why not blame or point fingers at the president? He's responsible," Colbert pressed.

At one point, when Scaramucci insisted that Trump was "compassionate," and as the audience booed, Colbert asked for evidence of that. Scaramucci offered, "It’s a super tough job. He made a step to give up what was a luxurious lifestyle."

"Who cares?" Colbert said. "Really, we're supposed to feel bad for a guy because he gave up his million-dollar lifestyle to be the most powerful man in the world?"

It was a pretty awkward interview. Scaramucci tried to joke that he was "like Arya Stark," taking down Late Show writers' names for his kill list, which no one really laughed at. Colbert asked what's it's like in the White House, "a dumpster fire," the Long Island native admitted, "It's a tough place. There was a lot of in-fighting... Whatever you think about me, I was pretty open about how I think about people."

On whether Steve Bannon, Trump's top strategist, is a white supremacist, "I don’t think he’s a white supremacist, though I’ve never asked him," Scaramucci answered. "What I don’t like is the toleration of it. It’s something that should be completely and totally intolerated... I find it disgusting and reprehensible and I will denounce it every living day of my life."

"Do you feel burned by your experience?" Colbert asked. Scaramucci claimed, "No. When you take a job like that, you know your expiration is coming... I didn’t think I’d last too long. But I thought I'd last longer than a carton of milk."

As promised, Scaramucci also presented Colbert with a front-stabbing knife:

After the interview, Scaramucci Tweeted, "Went into the Lion's Den with @StephenAtHome came out w/ a few scratches but still standing. I appreciated the oppty." He also shared video of himself watching his interview at his restaurant, the Hunt and Fish Club:

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