2007_12_lovefb.jpgCourtney Love wished us all a belated Merry Christmas today via her MySpace blog (which we don't normally check in on, but thankfully Curbed was on the ball). What did Santa bring her? An apartment in the West Village! So really, it's like a present for us all. She stated, in perfectly readable English:

i think/hope we foundteh PERFECT plaCE, its a w village 4 floor house 2 floors are being rented by the owners, itllcost ...alot...to returjn it to a house biut fbc doesnt need to have all that space til she moves here at 18 and its a great invesment.

Translation: C.Lo, or just her daughter Frances Bean...or both(!), are moving to the city.

Expect the paparazzi to stake out the joint sometime by Bean's 18th birthday, which is just a few years away. Plenty of time to kick out the current tenants and "returjn it to a house." Don't feel bad for those tenants though, there was a 99% chance they would have been hit by bottles if they were able to stay.