Every new year the media likes to make a big fuss over the first baby born in New York. The mayor often even shows up to congratulate the wee one! So, naturally, landing that perfectly-timed pregnant woman is a big deal at local hospitals. Thankfully c-sections "don't count," or it sounds like some of these maternity wards would just be ripping the babes out so as to claim the first.

Take Linda McNeil, head nurse at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, for example. She told the News that her hospital hasn't delivered the first baby of the city in the 30 years she's been there. But if she had her way... "It's something you can't control ... I wish we could!" she said.

But no hospital would try and induce a baby just to get press... or would they? Harlem Hospital could use a little love in the press?

Seriously though, what all the hoopla about the first baby makes us think about is the poor second baby of the year (not to mention the last baby of the last year). Should they really be denied a visit from Bloomberg just because their timing wasn't perfect? Not even born yet and already so much pressure!