Peeping Tom, Scott Lyons

A man was arrested for using his digital camera to take photographs up women's skirts. The Post reports that police arrested Scott Lyons at the Roosevelt Field Mall, finding shots of "several different women's thighs and underwear" on the camera. Lyons, who is 31 and unemployed, was caught when he cut in front of two plainclothes officers on the escalator, in order to get behind a woman in a skirt. Nassau County Detective Sft. Richard Dorsi tells the Post that they saw Lyons's hand near the women's skirt and then "he reached under with something in his hand and the officers saw a flash." The woman didn't know what was going on.

Gothamist is surprised we don't hear more stories about this, especially since skirts are really short and flouncy these days. There is legislation in the works to ban instances of people's privacy being violated with pictures taken by camera cell phone and other devices in locker rooms, etc. Which is a very different issue than the possible subway photography ban in New York, but it's good to keep in mind whenever and wherever you shoot - sometimes it's good to ask a person's permission if you're taking their picture. And the Nassau County police want women who believe they may have been victims on "up-skirting" at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Sunday to call Crimestoppers, (800) 244-TIPS.