It might look sunny outside your office window right now, but less than an hour ago there was torrential rain drenching parts of New York, because apparently it's monsoon season now. That storm has apparently caused a wee bit of a leak at Grand Central, where a substantial subway waterfall was spotted at the cusp of rush hour. Update: NYC Transit Andy Byford also visited the waterfall and helped clean up the mess. [See more below]

The video above, taken by Brian Hudson, was captured around 4:35 p.m. in front of the entrance to the 4/5/6 lines at Grand Central Station.

An MTA spokesperson told Gothamist, "We believe this is related to the torrential rain from earlier; personnel on scene; no affect to service at this time." As you can see in the various videos above and below, there certainly are going to be a few MTA employees who deserve a vacation after today. And a round of applause for that poor bucket, which is way out of its league!

Of course, this is not expected to be a serious deterrence to New Yorkers as they make their way home tonight—after all, when the subway stairs turn into a gushing waterfall, New Yorkers climb that waterfall.

We'll update as we learn more information.

Update: MTA Chief Customer Officer Sarah Meyer shared this photograph of NYC Transit President Andy Beyford among those mopping the floor: