Little Italy visitors, beware! Your supposed generosity towards the city's orphans could actually be funding a scam ring run by a convicted rapist. The Post followed "Sister Milindia" around Little Italy as she begged for money "for the children of St. Joseph's," and then returned to Brooklyn, changed out of her habit in the middle of the street, and walked into the home of a man who "whacked her lustily on the behind." Two days later, she was supposedly in Atlantic City. Maybe she was just trying to double the donations!

"Sister Milindia" is actually Mindy LeGrand, who has been busted once before for pretending to be a nun in the Bronx. And instead of the Episcopal Church, she belongs to a "church" in Crown Heights run by a convicted rapist, which is home to a host of fake nuns. It is not affiliated with any church, and the orphanage for which "Milindia" says she is collecting doesn't actually exist. So the next time you ignore a beggar on the sidewalk, make sure it's her! Though who knows, she may come back from Atlantic City dressed as a crusty punk.