2007_02_yieldsign.jpgThe sad truth of being a pedestrian in New York City is that pedestrians have be on the defensive. On Sunday night, 23-year-old Sabina Paradi was crossing 37th Street at Ninth Avenue when a truck making a left turn hit her. The driver was "cited for failure to yield right of way," which means that the driver didn't stop for pedestrians.

Paradi suffered critical head injuries, and her father Bodo Paradi told the Post, "We're just hoping for a miracle at this point." Paradi, who has a nutrition fellowship at NY Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, had been on a first date during the incident. Yesterday, a commenter brought up a good point about most accident happening at intersections, which seems to make crossing the street in the middle much safer. But until the Department of Transportation gives pedestrian exclusive crossing times or levies higher fines on offenses like failing to yield, it's up to the pedestrians to remain vigilant.

And in Queens, a cyclist was killed when he collided with a car in Elmhurst yesterday afternoon. The Sun reports that both cars were traveling east, and that the driver, who stayed at the scene, "isn't suspected of causing the accident."