You may have seen a lot of Mets phenom Matt Harvey in ESPN Magazine's Body Issue (hubba hubba!) and you'll be seeing him tonight as he starts the All-Star Game at Citi Field for the National League. But did you realize he has a great deadpan sense of humor?

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon sent Harvey to Bryant Park to ask Mets fans what they think of Matt Harvey. Harvey, wearing civilian clothes, was basically unrecognizable, even to a guy wearing a Matt Harvey jersey!

Bravo to Late Night's team for arming Harvey with one of his naked pictures. How did he get so in shape? Well, he told ESPN about some unusual conditioning: "Last offseason, my conditioning was running the upper deck of Citi Field with a 20-pound weighted vest on. I did that almost every day for about two months, and that was pretty extreme. Some days it was 20 degrees. It definitely helped build fight and mental toughness, and it was nice because there was no one there. I had the whole ballpark to myself."