Yesterday's "Million Hoodie" rally at Union Square Park got a lot of media attention, as it should, with even conservative media outlets estimating there were at least several hundred protesters in attendance. But CBS 2 reporter Sean Hennessy is a newscaster, not a mathematician, dammit, and he counted "a few dozen." For this, he was heckled (perhaps by this master debater?) and heckled again, until he revised his count up to "a few dozen, maybe a hundred." But the hecklers weren't having it, and in this rather amusing video, the angry bystanders ultimately reduce Hennessy into admitting, "You're right. We lie. That's what we do."

We can't wait until Hennessy shows up at this year's CBS 2 company picnic to find all his coworkers wearing T-shirts emblazoned with puffy letters spelling, "We lie, that's what we do!" To be fair, when his segment ultimately aired on CBS 2, the crowd estimate was more in line with reality. the crowd estimate was still "a few dozen," showing that Hennessy's not about to let some trash-talking hecklers shame him into accuracy. This is exactly the kind of unflappable mettle that got him promoted up from CBS 3!

UPDATE: That is indeed the masterful Jesse LaGreca who first calls out Hennessy for his misunderestimating, and can be heard yelling, "Don't let facts get in the way of your narrative."