Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway was already booked as a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers yesterday when news broke that U.S. intelligence officials had briefed both President Obama and President-elect Trump that Russia might have "compromising" information about Trump. And though it seems the interview occurred just before (or too soon after) Buzzfeed published unverified details about the "compromising" dirt on Trump, Meyers still did an excellent job challenging Conway's efforts to spin and distort the news:

Here's a partial transcript via NBC News:

She said Americans "should be concerned that intelligence officials leaked to the press and won't go and tell the president-elect or the president of the United States himself … they would rather go tell the press."

"But the report was about them going to the President-elect," Meyers said.

"And it says that they never briefed him on it, that they appended two pages to the bottom of his intelligence briefing," Conway responded.

"I believe it's that they did brief him on it," Meyers corrected.

"Well, he says he's not aware of it," she said.

"Well … that concerns me!" Meyers replied.

Here's the whole interview below.

There's a part when Meyers asked, "Shouldn’t we care that the Russians tried to interfere? I sometimes fear that the president-elect has no curiousity as to the amount they tried—" for Conway to cut in, "That is completely false. He has enormous curiosity. I’m there every day with him. He has a number of different meetings every day, briefings and otherwise. And he was curious enough to figure out America. He knew America was—"

"That's a pivot right there, Kellyanne! By the way, nobody does it better," Meyers conceded.