Karl Rove raised hundreds of millions of dollars to elect Republicans like Mitt Romney during this election cycle, so when Karl Rove demanded last night to see how FOX News could possibly calculate that the president had won Ohio, how could they refuse? "Here's what we're going to do," anchor Brett Beier says, his head suddenly spinning and his tongue tasting a hint of wet copper as Rove patiently glares at him. "Karl Rove said we should figure out what the deal is."

And so they did, trekking into the bowels of FOX's studios to "interrogate" a few guys in suits who look like they're ready to head back to their families if they didn't have to wait around for a multimillionaire to string together some thank yous.

And here's another instance in which Karl Rove made himself look stupid in front of a large group of people. It's a tonic stronger than a thousand kitten listicles. Go on, ask for that raise today!