Jon Stewart started The Daily Show last night by faux-apologizing for his raw, "overwrought" reaction to the grand jury decision about Eric Garner. Sardonically admitting he was wrong, he then presented all the arguments from those who applaud the grand jury's decision (see: Peter King, Rudy Giuliani, Fox News anchors, etc.). He then proceeded to completely dismantle those arguments with righteous humor.

"So the cop's got to use the N-word for it to be racism? You've never heard the phrase, 'A picture is worth a thousand epithets?'" Stewart said in response to King's argument that there was nothing racist about the scenario. "I don't know that people are saying that this cop is racist, but it seems the escalation of the incidents is a byproduct of a system that is applied unequally and with prejudice."

Come for the justified anger, stay for the look on Stewart's face where Sean Hannity disputes the medical examiner's report about Garner dying from a chokehold because Hannity Mr. Miyogi is "a martial artist student."