This week, we were simply rocked by news that chief corruption buster Andrew Cuomo might be a teensy bit corrupt himself, with an NYT investigation into his Commission To Investigate Public Corruption panel discovering he'd been hard at work hampering their ability to Investigate Public Corruption in his own office. Inconceivable! Jon Stewart wasn't so thrilled with Cuomo's little power-grabbing malfeasance on The Daily Show last night, noting, "Basically, Cuomo formed a commission and said, 'You can even look at me!' And then, when they looked at him, he said, 'You lookin' at me?'"

And he rightly pointed out that Cuomo's rebuttal—something along the lines of, "Oh, huh, hey guys, but like, how can a commission run by the state executive branch investigate the state executive branch? That's crazytown!"—is "fucking ridiculous." See below:

Say it ain't so, Andy. Say it ain't so.