Last night's "Last Week Tonight" addressed the "debate" about climate change that continues to play out in the mainstream media, despite the overwhelming scientific consensus that global warming is a grave danger and humans are to blame. The segment shows John Oliver at his best, tearing climate change deniers to shreds with his usual blistering wit.

The segment opens with a nod to President Obama's renewed focus on climate change, demonstrated in a media blitz last week during which the president declared that climate change is not something in the future, but a phenomenon that's happening now. "Now! Smart move, Obama," Oliver says. "That is a key shift in how to talk about climate change. Because we've all proven we can't be trusted with the future tense. We've been repeatedly asked, 'Don't you want to leave a better world for your grandchildren?' And we've all collectively responded, 'Eh, fuck 'em.'"

Meanwhile, two scientific groups report that the collapse of the West Antarctica ice has begun. The cause, the Times reports, is warm water "being pulled upward and toward the ice sheet by intensification of the winds around Antarctica. Most scientists in the field see a connection between the stronger winds and human-caused global warming, but they say other factors are likely at work, too." These other factors include the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica, which the liberal media probably wants to blame on humans, too.