The chat comments are very End Of Days

Are you safely tucked away in your apartment wondering what it looks like outside? Or are you far from Sandy's path and just want to watch New York City get Day After Tomorrowed?

There are tons of Livestreams catching the action around the city, including SandyCam, which is at Livestream's HQ downtown. Last night they told us, "we've installed a Sandy Cam on our roof to capture Sandy as she makes her way through New York's Hudson River and Skyline," and they're going beyond the typical static footage, with citizen journalists on the ground, as well as user-footage they're aggregating. They add there is "live photo, text, and video updates in addition to chat features so folks can tune in from around the world" (as you can imagine, this chat feature is... colorful). At press time someone is reporting live from Rockaway Beach, where the beach has disappeared under massive waves and rising water.

If you want a different view, the SandyCam is grabbing static views from places other than the Livestream HQ, but you can also check out Sandy from the Statue of Liberty cam; the Times Square cam; the Columbus Circle cam; the Brooklyn Bridge cam; and you can even watch over those cranes that are still on top of 1WTC.