Make no mistake: author Fran Lebowitz despises Mayor Bloomberg. She passionately loves NYC, and she just as passionately hates Bloomberg. And her entry in this weekend's big NY Times Bloomberg nostalgia fest is the funniest, wittiest, and more incisive highlight. Go here to watch her call him out as "so essentially suburban," and psychoanalyze him based on his height.

There's a long excerpt from her talking about Bloomberg on the Times, but this is our favorite part:

I think it's very important that we don't ever have a mayor this rich or this short. The richness comes from the shortness, this is what I believe. I believe every single person suffers for what happens to boys on playgrounds. So I really believe that a short boy gets bullied by taller boys, or ignored by them, or doesn't have the same status as they do, they grow up, they get very rich, to kind of get back at these tall boys, and then everyone suffers for this. I like de Blasio for many reasons, but his height is very important.

This is as good as that time Lebowitz railed against Bloomberg and NYU expansion, noting: “I said actually to Michael Bloomberg, ‘I never thought I’d have the chance to vote against you three times.’”