Melania Trump came out of the conspiracy theorist closet this week when she gave a pair of softball interviews defending her husband's good name from the bad words and worse actions he has taken. While some found strength in her dedication to denying the reality of who her husband is, others tried to decipher whether she was actually blinking SOS in morse code.

Stephen Colbert falls into the latter camp—and he invited Fake Melania Trump, a.k.a. Tony award-winning actress Laura Benanti, back on his show to parody her. Watch below as Fake Melania Trump gives increasingly smoldering glances as she defends Trump's disgusting decision to ride on a bus, while definitely not being coached and/or held at gunpoint by an unseen man off-camera.

"He explained it was locker room talk,” she said. "I did not know this, but when American men gather to sport they always brag of grabbing women by the Billy Bush." When she described her husband’s comments as “boy talk,” Colbert interjected, "I hate to point this out, but your husband isn’t a boy, he’s a 70-year-old man." She responded, "Boys, men — it’s the same. No matter how nice they seem, secretly they’re all foul-mouthed Billy Bush-grabbing pigs. They’re all animals. If only a woman could be president."

The Daily Show also took a closer look at Melania's interviews, and found they were eerily similar. On the bright side, Trevor Noah pointed out, “at least she’s only plagiarizing herself now."

In the words of Ivanka Trump: "I will say, I can't wait till the election is over."