It is quite common for pedestrians to be cut off from crossing an intersection by turning cars, by drivers who form a swift steel barrier across a crosswalk, and by motorists who inch closer and menacingly blow their horn at their fellow humans walking on the street. Filmmaker and safe streets advocate Anna Zivarts recently filmed this illegal activity at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 65th Street in Sunset Park, the spot where 75-year-old Xiaoci Hu was struck and killed by two drivers on January 2.

65th and 7th Ave, Brooklyn, #VisionZero from Anna Zivarts on Vimeo.

Hu was crossing Seventh Avenue when a Toyota Camry traveling on 65th Street yielded to her, and was in turn struck by a red Jeep Cherokee. The Camry hit Hu, killing her. Streetsblog reports that both drivers remained at the scene, and no summonses were issued.

Failure to yield is one of the leading causes of crashes that result in injury or death, along with speeding. The cab driver that killed 9-year-old Cooper Stock on the Upper West Side failed to yield to the boy and his father, and received a summons.

The NYPD has traditionally cited many more drivers for cell phone infractions or tinted windows than speeding or failure to yield, but all of that is supposed to change.

In a previous installment in the series, here is a parade of drivers breaking the law with impunity on Delancey Street.