No one has been killed while riding a Citi Bike, but perhaps the better question might be: How many Citi Bikers have been driven to murderous rage after repeated attempts to dock the bikes in the last empty slot after a long, numbing day at work, only to have them fail?

There are two types of people in this world: The kind who bear witness to such crushing human defeat on a daily basis and attempt to help, and the kind who film. Leon Neyfakh is the latter. Watch as once proud human beings emotionally crumble after repeated futile efforts to dock their bikes in the perpetually faulty racks outside Atlantic Avenue and Henry Street in Brooklyn. Peppy '80s dance jam "Push It" mockingly sets the tone:

The video takes us through the various stages of Dock Defeat: First, a set of determined, rapid-fire smashes, followed by a more thoughtful period of studied thrusting. The victims look around for aid, or, better yet, the candid camera. ("It's just a cruel, horrible joke; here's $100 in Tasti D-Lite coupons!") Seeing none, they examine the dock in hopes of a readily apparent explanation—maybe there's a stick or a squirrel or the decaying fingers of the previous mentally battered Citi Biker obscuring the locking mechanisms? No such luck. Eventually, Neyfakh said, "everybody gives up and rides sadly away."

Ideally, Neyfakh's conscience will remain at bay long enough to witness someone in the throes of a full-on Nicolas Cage über-meltdown. Then he'll call the police.