Last Saturday, cops were out in full force for the annual "Broadway Bomb," a nearly 8-mile Manhattan race for skateboarding aficionados in which they travel from West 116th Street down to the Charging Bull in the Financial District. Hundreds of officers were dispatched to different parts of Broadway to break out the orange police nets to try to stop boarders. As you can see in the video below, it's pure comedy gold when it's set to the Benny Hill theme, "Yakety Sax."

Altogether, police issued summonses to at least 35 skateboarders. Witnesses also told us that some skateboarders were handcuffed at the different trap points. Kyle McCabe, a 20-year-old College of New Jersey student who started emergency condom delivery service CondAm, told us he was assaulted by cops during the ride.

McCabe told us he is planning on filing a complaint with the NYPD, and hasn't decided whether to take things further than that: "Someone has to stand up to them. Complacency is one of the reasons they're allowed to continue their campaign of terror. As citizens, we should expect the officers of the law in one of the biggest cities in the world to be able to operate with tact and self-control."