While Donald Trump surrogates Jeffrey Lord and Scottie Nell Hughes gleefully celebrated their candidate's ascension to the presidency on CNN last night, calling Trump's election a "miracle," contributor Van Jones countered with a sobering, harrowing speech that echoed the terror many of us are grappling with right now.

"People are talking about a miracle. I'm hearing about a nightmare," Jones said. "It's hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us...you have people putting children to bed tonight, and they're afraid of breakfast. They're afraid of, 'How do I explain this to my children?'"

Jones also pointed out that though Trump's election had something to do with shaking up the establishment, it was also a "white-lash" against an increasingly diversifying country, and a black president. "When you say you want to take your country back, you've got a lot of people who feel we're not represented well either," Jones said. "But we don't want to feel that someone has been elected by throwing away some of us to appeal more deeply to others."

"This is a deeply painful moment tonight," he concluded. Indeed.