Christine Quinn did the political equivalent of "dropping the mic" today as she left a living wage press conference in a huff after someone from the crowd shouted something about "Pharoah Bloomberg." Quinn turned to the heckler and said, "That's not appropriate…In democracy, people have the right to have different views and they do not, we do not, have the right to then call them names." She then said, “Congratulations on the bill, I’m not going to participate in any name-calling," and walked away.

The press conference was for the city council's impending vote to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto of the living wage bill last week. Asked by Capital New York why he shouted, the heckler, volunteer and living-wage supporter Carlos Pacheco, said, "Why? Because, they were political leaders in Egypt and they had the little people build their pyramids and today we can relate to that." As for why Quinn was peeved enough to leave after the comment: "Well, I think she left because she was never really a part of the cause ... She was playing her politics."

Shortly after the incident Quinn told the Times' Kate Taylor that she didn't regret leaving.

Last week, Bloomberg said that despite their differences on the subject, he and Quinn would have a "good time" at Quinn's wedding in two weeks. Nothing an iced beer and the Electric Slide can't fix.