It may shock you to learn that Gov. Chris Christie, who has been known to rain hellfire upon his enemies for slights both real and imagined, is not exactly thin-skinned when it comes to jokes at this expense. Christie didn't fair so well when he hosted a charity roast of former NJ Gov. Brendan Byrne on April 1st, with comedians including Joe Piscopo and Joy Behar at the event. And when Behar turned attention toward Christie and Bridgegate, things got awfully uncomfortable awfully fast. Watch as Christie attempts to keep his hands occupied by drinking all the water in the world instead of throttling Behar.

In the most recent New Yorker, writer Adam Lizza evaluates Christie's political state post-Bridgegate, and starts with this anecdote about the roast:

Joy Behar, the former co-host of “The View,” was even more pointed. “When I first heard that he was accused of blocking off three lanes on the bridge, I said, ‘What the hell is he doing, standing in the middle of the bridge?” After another barb, Christie interrupted her. “This is a Byrne roast,” he said. He stood up and tried to grab her notes. The audience laughed awkwardly. “Stop bullying me,” Behar said as he sat down. Christie said something out of earshot and Behar responded, “Why don’t you get up here at the microphone instead of being such a coward?” Christie stood up again and moved in front of the lectern as Behar retreated.  “At least I don’t get paid for this,” he said.

Christie sat down and Behar continued, though she was noticeably rattled. “I really don’t know about the Presidency,” she said. “Let me put it to you this way, in a way that you’d appreciate: You’re toast.”

Here's another, slightly more clear look at the awkwardness, this time bookended by an absolutely delighted Chris Matthews who giddily declares, "'Don't bully me,' that's right up there with, 'Don't taze me, bro!'"