We still have a bad taste in our mouths because of yesterday's inflammatory anti-bikeshare "Death By Bicycle" video piece by Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz. We felt an extreme disconnect from reality watching her frothing at the mouth over how "begrimed" the city has become thanks to a few thousand blue bikes. Thankfully, there are plenty of other much more rational and amusing voices in this city—including the one and only Bill Cunningham, who made this charming video ode to Citi Bike.

Where Rabinowitz complained about "bicyclists who veer in and out of the sidewalk, empowered by the city administration, with the idea that they are privileged," Cunningham sees only joy, humor, and progress in the new program. And if anything, he thinks it'll help improve foot traffic amongst impatient NYers:

It's great for the New Yorkers who always have been totally impatient. When they walk on the sidewalk, they don't stop for anyone. And it's really hilarious to watch them come around the corner when two of them meet face-to-face and neither one will stop! But at any rate, now they're all on bikes.

And he can't stop laughing all throughout the video! Who doesn't love this man!