The National Rifle Association seems to have taken an interest in our local political scene, thanks to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's upset victory against Congressman Joe Crowley last night, and the gun group's hair-trigger sixth sense for knowing when a white man has had something taken away from him.

On Wednesday, the host of NRATV—a video channel run by the NRA on which a paid spokeswoman once threatened to fist and/or fisk the New York Times—posted a rambling warning that "leftwing socialists have infiltrated our nation and want to fundamentally change the country we love."

Host Grant Stinchfield is worried, specifically, about Ocasio-Cortez, who he believes “openly despises the very system that makes America the greatest country in the world." So great is Stinchfield's love of this country that he was apparently willing to sacrifice several blood vessels in the pursuit of alerting his vulnerable followers to the grave threat posed by the Bronx-born community organizer.

"First Bernie Sander's rise to popularity, now in New York a self-described socialism active member of the Democratic Socialist for America Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28 year old bartender," he adds in the two-minute clip [sic, throughout].

"I'm not often surprised, but this time I am," he continues. "Even for New York, a state so far off the liberal deep-end I would still expect a powerful incumbent like Crowley to cruise to victory. He didn't. Here's the takeaway: the socialism movement in America is real, it is dangerous and it is more powerful than you might think."

Be sure to click over to the NRATV's official Twitter page for a more complete selection of bulging forehead veins. And as always, be safe out there, and keep a watchful eye for mooching radicals who don't respect our laws: