Rats are intelligent creatures—they've been wily enough to survive by eating all the trash we leave behind and developing immunities from all the raticide. And it seems they also don't appreciate your attempts to film them.

Josiah Ryan, editor at The Blaze, was waiting for a train at the Bryant Park subway station on Friday and saw an "enormous New York City rat loitering on the platform, possibly awaiting the D train. Being a responsible journalist, I swiftly whipped out my always-present camera to immortalize the creature for you and for posterity." And then the rat decided to charge towards him at an impressive clip:

Ryan told PIX11, "I am a football field away, minding my own business. And this rat just comes straight at me with no provocation. I mean maybe he didn’t want to be recorded. I don’t know how smart they are." He added, "The only damage was to my dignity. The rat passed nearby, possibly between my legs, but faded at the moment of crisis. If I have rabies, I don’t know it yet."

Let's enjoy some of that rat's sprinting:

PIX11 reports that despite what the video suggests, the MTA feels its efforts to decrease the rat population—by sterilizing female rats with special non-toxic bait—are working.