The MTA is still hoping the Second Avenue Subway, which had its first groundbreaking ceremony in 1972 (at 103rd Street and 2nd Avenue), will open in December, despite delays (of course) with some stations. In the meantime, we can cozy up with YouTube videos of test-trains on the future T line's tracks.

Earlier this month, a video of a test train at the 63rd Street station was uploaded. Now, there's a video at a brand new station, the one at 86th Street:

Uploader Bryan M. Wade writes, "This northbound test-train entered 86th Street on the uptown track, paused and then proceeded north past 96th Street into the layups. Mayor Lindsay broke ground on that section in 1972. The test-train then headed back from the layups southbound on the uptown track, crossed over to the downtown track south of 96th and then proceeded south into 86th Street. After a short pause at 86th it continued south towards 72nd Street. Enjoy!" [h/t Curbed]

One consultant said earlier this month that the number of weekly tests had to be nearly tripled if the MTA was going to meet its goal of a December opening. There are also issues about the train cars being too big for the tunnels at the curves.

The MTA is hoping to build 16 new stations.